Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The ConsenSys India Developer Program will be held over six weekends, commencing on Saturday, June 9th and concluding with a graduation ceremony on Sunday, July 15th.

Where will be the classes for the program going to be held?

The inaugural training session on June 9-10 will be held in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Training sessions from Weekend 2 to Weekend 5 will be held in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The concluding weekend which includes the Hackathon and the graduation ceremony will be held in Visakhapatnam.

What will be the price for the course?

The course is priced at INR 70,000. This amount excludes the discounts we are offering for this course.

Are there any discounts that you will be providing on the course fee?

We are offering:

  1. 15% discount for female participants;
  2. 20% discount for individuals with an income of less than INR 10 lakhs per annum (this discount is available to students as well)
  3. 20% discount for Indian Blockchain Council members through our special referral program.

Does the course fee include travel and lodging?

The fees does not cover travel and lodging, but we will provide the participants with discounts on their stays. We will cover meals for the duration of the program.

Is there anyway to attend the course remotely?

The course is designed for an in-person audience to encourage collaboration and active participation. We will not be providing any live streaming or online sessions for the participants.

When will we get to know if we have been selected for the program?

We will start rolling out the first batch of acceptance notifications on May 15th 2018. All participants who are selected will be notified by the 3rd week of May at the latest.

What is the background that you are looking for in a participant?

A background in computer science is recommended but not required. The applicant should have a good understanding of programming concepts and hands-on coding experience with Javascript would be very helpful.

I have no knowledge of coding, but I am really interested in learning about blockchains, can I attend?

The coursework will focus heavily on coding and the program will conclude with a two-day hackathon. That being said, we still encourage you to apply as we will also give considerable weightage to the content in your CV and Cover Letter. Individuals who may not have very strong backgrounds in coding but have great work experience and are passionate about the Blockchain space will definitely be considered.

Is there an overview of the topics which will be taught at the program?

Click the ‘Course Syllabus’ button on the website to view the list of topics that will be covered during the program.

How is the ConsenSys India Developer Program different from the ConsenSys Academy Online Blockchain Program?

While ConsenSys Academy is the flag bearer for providing training and education in Blockchain development, the ConsenSys India Developer Program is a limited edition training initiative where some of the most prominent developers and founders in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem will be flying down to India to teach and interact with the students in person.

What will be the role of the applicants who get to join ConsenSys India?

Since applicants will be coming from different backgrounds with varying experiences, we will offer them customised packages that are aligned with their backgrounds and interests.

What Blockchain will the course Focus on?

The Program’s core emphasis will center around the Ethereum Blockchain with a brief overview and comparison with some of the other platforms in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Will this program help me if I already know how to develop Dapps on Blockchain?

Along with teaching how to develop Dapps, we will also be focusing on the history of blockchain, various breaches & flaws in the past, crypto security, token economics, and Solidity. Technical aspects of Plasma and Sharding will also be taught by Ethereum Foundation Developers. To get more information on the topics that will be covered, click the Course Syllabus in the Course Structure section on our website.

What are the benefits for me if I am already employed at another firm?

At present, there is a severe shortage of highly skilled blockchain developers in India which is hindering the development of a robust Blockchain ecosystem in the country. The certificates issued through the program will be recognized by various corporate firms and educational institutes. Going forward, Blockchain engineers will be of great value to various firms in the industry and will open up many avenues for those who successfully complete the program.